Showa 58

Showa 58

April 12, 2019

where:No. 306, Chenggong St., Hualien City, Hualien County

time:Saturday~Thursday,13:00-19:00 / (close on Friday)

The owner of Showa 58 likes the old coffee shop at Showa era when she(or he) study how to make dessert in Japan. When she(he) went back to Hualien and started her(his) own business — Showa 58, every detail of this little store is just like an old Japaness movie comes to alive. And the owner kept the old shop sign of the old novel rental store that is the memory shared with people in Hualien city. The specialty of the Showa 58 is the matcha drink, and all of the desserts and drinks are learned from Japan. If you step into Showa 58, they can really make your day.

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