Black Road

Black Road

何時在:週五~週一,11:30-20:30 / 每週四休
April 12, 2019

where:No. 48, Zhongshan Rd., Hualien City, Hualien County
time:Friday~Monday,11:30-20:30 / (close on Thursday)

Black Road is a beautiful restrant sitting on one of the biggest road—Zong Shang road in Hualien city. The reason why this restrant is named ‘Black Road’ is because this block is once the most busy street during Japanese-Occupied Period. The shining asphalt on the road make Japaness called it ‘the Black Road.’ So the owner of the restrant decid to keep the name of this area, and named the reatrant ‘Black Road’, let history tells itself.

They use local ingredients, and each meal is also cooked to order. There is Japanese-style pork cutlet and Thai-style pork. Chicken, fried tempuraso. that people who want to experience the leisurely charm of the old house in the afternoon have a good choice for a comfortable meal.

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