Taku Syousya Cafe & Bar

Taku Syousya Cafe & Bar

何時在:週二~週日,14:00-00:00 / 每週一休
April 12, 2019

where:No. 460, Fujian St., Hualien City, Hualien County
time:Tuesday~Sunday,14:00-00:00 / (close on Monday)

After rebuild the 60 years old ancient dormitory building, the To。Taku Syousya Cafe & Bar become the most famous check-in speace at Instagram. The owner and his wife operating this small store together. They use cute latte art and Shiba Inu bread to serve their customers, and they have a special sercer – a cute little Shiba Inu. The dog, the coffee, the bread and the dessert, make a peaceful and comfortable place for you to waste your afternoon.

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