Apartment Giocare Café

Apartment Giocare Café

何時在:週四~週二,14:00~20:00 / 每週三休
April 12, 2019

where:No. 316, Chenggong St., Hualien City, Hualien County
time:Thursday~Tuesday,14:00~20:00 / (close on Wednesday)

The Apartment Giocare Café was once a laundry at old Hualien city. To preserve the vibe of acient building, the owner keep the old shop sign of the old laundry, and it’s even more conspicuous than the shop sign of the café itself. After a long walk around the city, you can come to Apartment Giocare Café, sip a cup of coffee, nibble a piece of cake, go with the reminiscent atmosphere of the old house. The good old days comes alive at Apartment Giocare Café.

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